Creative Journeys

2016 – present

Creative Journeys gives young people – and their parents and teachers – a better understanding of creative careers.

In a series of inspiring short films, young people learn how the options they choose for GCSE, such as art, design and technology, can help them to begin their own creative journey towards a successful and rewarding career.


Creative Journeys introduces the UK’s creative industries, one of the most successful, varied and fastest-growing sectors, providing millions of fulfilling job opportunities. More than 30 of the UK’s leading artists, graphic designers, digital designers, architects, structural engineers, glass-blowers, ceramicists and TV producers are interviewed about how they got started. They are asked what they wanted to do when they were 14, what they studied at school and beyond, who helped them, what their first job was and what they do now.

“I cannot stress enough the importance of these short insightful films”.

– Susan Coles, artist, educator, former President of NSEAD, Secretary to All-Party Parliamentary Group on Art, Craft and Design Education

“Not enough kids see a path from enjoying sketching and drawing and stuff to a full time job in design. Which is a shame. The Sorrell Foundation does fantastic work to try and redress this”.

– Ben Terrett, Director of Design, GDS 2011-2015

“These videos are awesome – we used them at options evening and Year 8 lessons as starting points, and even set a homework to find a career through looking at the website. It really opened some young people’s eyes to the careers available!”

– Aimee Richmond, art and design teacher

“This is an excellent resource for teachers and students considering art as a subject and a career. It provides information and examples of outstanding people who made this journey. This is really worth clicking”.

– Expert Subject Advisory Group for Art, Craft and Design (ESAG)


The films show how studying creative subjects can be fun and rewarding, but can also lead to real jobs and careers. Teachers also find the films useful for lessons and options evenings, where they reassure parents and pupils alike that they are making the right choices.

Creative Journeys is supported by the HEAD Trust (the Higher Education in Art and Design Foundation) and Arts Council England.

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